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Die nachfolgende Vermittlungsbedingungen musst du unterschreiben, wenn wir dich Vermitteln:

Vermittlungsbedingungen, die bei der Vermittlung unterschrieben werden müssen

English version:

Terms and Conditions of Placement

  1. The placement is not an employment contract and does not guarantee the conclusion of an employment contract.
  2. After the placement, the student is obligated to contact the employer within three business days and to inform STAV e.V. of the current application status afterwards.
  3. STAV e.V. does not assume any liabilities for the content of the job advertisements. Thus, questions about the job description, payment or period/ place of employment must be clarified with the employer beforehand.
  4. If an employment contract is established, the settlement slip (Abrechnungsschein) must be filled out by the employer after finishing the occupation or after reaching the settlement deadline (6 months from the first day at work). Then it must be sent to STAV e.V,
  5. Keep in mind, that the period of employment and the amount of payment must be entered truthfully on the settlement slip (Abrechnungsschein) by the employer.
  6. STAV e.V. is allowed to request any documents or information on the respective employment relationship in case a data comparison is required.
  7. Should an employment contract not be realized, STAV e.V. shall be informed immediately, stating the reasons.
  8. When the student cannot prove that the cancellation of a placement is not his/her fault or if STAV e.V. is informed too late or not at all about the non-occurrence of the employment relationship, this will lead to a “S-cancellation” (self-inflicted cancellation).
  9. The student is responsible for their compliance with legal restrictions and regulations when starting work.
  10. Any claims (e.g., wage claims, travel costs, loss of working hours) will not be incurred by STAV e.V. under any circumstances.
  11. All job details are to be handled confidentially. If they are disclosed to third parties or otherwise passed on, legal consequences, such as claims for damages must be expected.

I have understood and agree to the terms and conditions of placement.